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Choose Non Sortex Broken Rice - Pocket Friendly And Healthy Alternative

Posted by Admin on March, 16, 2021

Have you heard the terms like “sortex”, “non sortex” and “broken” associated with rice? If not, then you are missing out on an interesting aspect. Most of us consume rice on a daily basis as the staple part of diet. Thus a major part of our regular expenditure is due to rice. Learning about non sortex broken rice shall help you make considerable savings on rice without compromising with quality.

What Does ‘Broken Rice' Mean?
Rice grains are often broken down into smaller fragments. These fragmented pieces of rice are called broken rice. The rice gains get broken into pieces due to physical pressure during the various stages of drying, milling, husking, packing and transportation.
Broken rice must not be considered defective since they are not any bit less nutritious than unbroken rice grains. They are just as good and fit for human consumption on daily basis. If the broken rice retains all the bran and germ then its nutritional value is same as that of brown rice. If the germ and bran are not present then it is as nutritious as regular white rice.

Difference Between Sortex and Non Sortex Rice
Sortex and Non Sortex means nothing too complex. Sortex is a machine that is used to filter and sort rice grains according to their size. Rice grains of uniform size, free from the mixture of small, normal and broken rice grains are sorted by this machine and sold labelled as Sortex rice. This is nothing but a marketing stance implementing differentiator. Non Sortex rice means a mixture of various sized and shaped grains of the same rice. Non Sortex Broken Rice is less costly, but with same food value.

Uses and Benefits of Non Sortex Broken Rice
The broken rice that comes from gristmill is white rice and which comes from a huller is brown. Both sorts of broken rice can be used for multiple purposes. Let us check some of those uses.
• Human Consumption
Broken rice offers a diverse softness and texture compared to the uniform feeling of sortex, unbroken rice. Broken rice is also much effective in absorbing flavors. Broken rice is actually better than regular sortex rice since it takes lesser time for cooking, thus consuming less fuel and helps in savings. Broken rice is extensively used for cooking dishes taking long cooking times such as congees and rice porridges. You can save a lot by replacing your sortex rice with Non Sortex broken rice.
• Industrial Uses
Diverse industries are regular users of such rice gains. Smaller broken rice grains are used for manufacturing beer by the brewing industry. The pet food industry and livestock and aquaculture feeding producers. It is also used for starch making companies to produce starch used for food, textile, cosmetics and laundry starch manufacturing.

Find The Best Non Sortex Broken Rice Exporter
There are a few trustworthy exporters dealing in Non Sortex Broken Rice in Odisha. You can avail yourself with the service of best agro product trading company of Berhampur today. Choose the best to ensure savings as well as assurance of quality.

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